• CLASS PROGRAMS: PDC is committed to offering a variety of dance styles to allow its students the opportunity to become well-rounded dancers. Classes are offered for children 6 months through 18 years. We offer three programs.
            • -Performing Dance Center - directed by Jacquelyn Potts, these classes run concurrently with the school year. Tuition is paid monthly and students are able to perform in fully produced end of year performance at Kingsbury Hall. PDC offers recreational and competitive options for students.
            • -Artistic Endeavors - directed by Kim Luke, these classes run in seasonal sessions and focus on the young dancer. Families register for the session and pay for tuition at the start of each session.
        • -Utah Tumbling Academy - directed by Tiffany Schroeder, this program trains students in tumbling skills. These classes run in seasonal sessions. Families register for the session and pay for tuition at the start of each session. Placement in higher level classes may be done through UTA teachers.

CLASSES OFFERED: Ballet/Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, Combination, and Parent/Child. Students may try a class before registering. Trial classes should be arranged beforehand.


CLASS LEVELS: In order for each student to reach his or her full potential, it is important for him or her to be placed in an appropriate level that allows for growth and improvement. Although some classes divide students by age, others are mainly based on ability and the level at which each student enters. It is up to the teacher to change the student's level if he or she feels that this would benefit the student more. Please direct any questions or concerns to office staff as they will pass on the message to the teacher and/or director.

STUDIO DRESS CODE: Students are required to wear proper dance attire and shoes to class. They should refer to the attire designated for each dance style. Long hair must be pulled back and secured for ALL classes. No pantyhose. No jewelry. No gum. Please mark all shoes and dance items with the student's name. Dress code can be found on schedule.

REGISTRATION & FORMS: Registration is ongoing. You may register during office hours or online

TUITION & FEES: tuition